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Why should I try onlinedating?

Manypeople are sceptical about online dating. You might be worried that yourfriends will judge you, or that you will only meet geeks and nutcases. Or maybeyou haven’t a clue how to introduce someone who you met online to yourgrandmother! However, we can assure you that online dating has changed and isnow a normal part of our society. Dating sites are a great way to meet peoplewith similar interests, and regardless of whether you are looking for true loveor a no-strings casual partner, there have been so many success stories thatonline dating can be regarded as reliable. The internet can be seen simply as auseful tool that facilitates your search for true love and offers you theopportunity to meet interesting people, to have new experiences and to have abit of fun.

How should I choose whichdating site to use?

Yes,it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you perform a search for a ZA dating siteand the search engine comes up with thousands of results. First and foremost,decide what you are looking for: a serious relationship or just a bit of fun?That’s a good place to start. If you’re looking for something serious, take alook at one of the numerous "dating agencies." The interests, valuesand preferences that you specify in your profile are used to introduce you topotential partners who have similar profiles. If you’re looking for something alittle more casual, try out a few of the dating sites where you can browsethrough thousands of profiles until someone catches your eye. Ourpractice-tested reviews will help you choose the right site.

How can I protect my personal security andsafety when using online dating services?

Thefirst point to consider is data protection. Obviously, you don’t want hackersto access personal information such as your name, your e-mail address or yourbank details. When you register with a dating site, always read through theTerms and Conditions.  If there are noTerms and Conditions, it’s probably not a trustworthy site. Keep an eye out foran option that allows you to prevent your information from being disclosed tothird parties and enable it.

Personalsafety must naturally also be considered. Our first piece of advice is to be carefulwith people that you meet online. You wouldn't go somewhere secluded withsomeone you only met 5 minutes ago in a bar, would you? It’s just the same withsomeone you meet online. Choose a public place for your first date and tell aclose friend or relative what you are planning to do. Better safe than sorry,no matter how tempting it may be when you are chatting to each other online!

How much money should I spendon online dating?

Howlong is a piece of string? There’s no good answer to that question. It dependson you and what you are looking for. Some sites charge vast sums of money,while other sites are completely free of charge. If you are very worried aboutfake accounts and scammers, perhaps you should invest a little more money in anaccount with a high-quality dating site where there are more real profiles.

What are the biggest"Dos & Don'ts" when using online dating services?

Themost important thing is to BE HONEST! The person on your profile photo shouldbe the person who you are now. The picture shouldn’t just show your currentphysical appearance, it should also show a little of your personality orreflect your interests. (If you use a photo that was taken five years ago whenyou were 20 kilos lighter, don’t be surprised if potential partners aredisappointed when they meet you!) Don’t pretend that you’re someone else whenyou fill out your profile – after all, you’re looking for people with whom youhave something in common, aren’t you?

Alwaysbe civil and respect other people’s feelings. Trying online dating can take alot of courage, and if you contact someone and get turned down in a hurtfulway, your self-confidence can soon suffer. If you aren’t interested in meetingsomeone, tell them nicely. Be honest, but remember that it costs nothing to bepolite.

I have another question.

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